Welcome to the Pittsburgh Historical Costume Society

Edwardian Picnic September 2016
Edwardian Picnic September 2016

The mission of the society is to foster an interest in every aspect of costume, fashion, personal adornment, and material culture.  As we are located in Western Pennsylvania, most of our activities are within the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.

Most of our members sew their own costumes and our primary mission is to provide opportunities for our members to research, create, and then share their creative efforts with each other and the public.

We attend reenactments, events at many of our wonderful local historical sites, house tours, workshops, and other historical venues. The Society also arranges visits to private and public costume collections.

The Society’s membership is enthusiastic and varied, including those who have considerable knowledge of costume to those who would just like to find out more! Members include students, academics, jewelry and costume designers, artists, craft enthusiasts and more! We are a friendly and welcoming group based in Pittsburgh, PA, keen to encourage all age groups to participate.

The Society welcomes suggestions for speakers, topics and visits.

If you are interested in any aspect of Costume and/or textiles you would be very welcome to join us.